Government services

As farmers move away from production subsidies and world commodity markets strengthen, so they become more business-minded and market-focused. This change in attitude provides them with opportunities to make their businesses more profitable, invigorating rural areas in the process.

The agencies that regulate and support farmers need to have a greater understanding of their changing business needs. The experience, contacts and vision delivered by Supply Intelligence can give that understanding.

What Supply Intelligence can do for you

Tailor-made research

Assessments of how legislation or proposed legislation impacts on and is regarded by farm businesses. Suggestions on how legislation can be effectively implemented or developed. Investigation into the future needs of farming to allow it to develop successfully.

Briefings and seminars for key staff or newcomers

Detailed information and discussion points on farming business drivers and areas of concern for key staff. Introduction on the structure and motivation of farm businesses for newcomers.

Think tank services

Ideas for drawing up, introducing or implementing policy effectively and successfully.

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