Supply chain services

Supermarkets and processors have pioneered supplier arrangements, but in an era of shortages and growing consumer demand for specific products, knowledge of how farmers and growers operate is vital. Meanwhile, the need for agricultural input suppliers to get closer to farmers, processors and retailers has never been greater.

Supply Intelligence has the knowledge, contacts and systems to provide this insight and develop successful supply chain arrangements.

What Supply Intelligence can do for you

Tailor-made research

Get to the heart of what is driving the availability of the agricultural produce your business relies on. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of market drivers, supply projections and giving you strategic suggestions.

Supplier liaison

Do you want to challenge or motivate your agricultural suppliers or customers? We can prepare and pose questions for them or draw up scenarios you might want to discuss with them. We can also arrange face-to-face meetings with farmers and suppliers.

Think tank services

Do you have a supply arrangement or challenge that could benefit from some fresh and independent thinking? Through discussions with farmers and suppliers and taking inspiration from across other industries and the world we can come up with ideas that will give your business the edge.

Marketing and media relations

We can demonstrate how the right agricultural supply arrangement can be used to help sell your product, giving your customers the confidence that you care where your products come from.

Supplier sourcing service

Finding agricultural suppliers and farmers with the right motivation and attitude who will help strengthen your business.

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